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Vision & Mission

New Hope Community Church Exists To:

  • Nurture and Care through fellowship with one another

  • Hunger for the Word of God daily

  • Connect with all people and invite them to worship

  • Create a Christ centered ministry and worship 

The local church is the instrument through which God's family takes part in establishing the kingdom of God in the lives of people in NHCC and its community. You are a very important part of the church and the body of Christ. Paul used the analogy of the human body to help us understand the church. Each part of the body is different from all other parts; each part has a unique role without which the body will be less than its potential (1 Corinthians 12:12-13).  New Hope Community Church emphasizes a balance of five essential functions for Christians to be effective in fulfilling the Great Commission. 

The Five Functions For OUR MEMBERS: 

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